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Education Kit                                $249


Extension Kit                    $179

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simple shapes

Easy to build. Easy to imagine the desired shape. Great for spatial thinking development.

safe & durable

Doesn’t contain any small parts. Shockproof design allows for a confident use by kids without the risk of damaging cubes.

non-verbal apps

Visual programming interface allows even the smallest kids to grasp the basics of programming. No reading required.

curriculum projects 

80+ hours of play-centered educational content delivered through story-telling.

An award-winning modular robotics kit perfect for the home and the classroom. Children as young as 5 with no literacy or math skills can begin to explore the essentials of programming and robotics with LEGO™ adapters for open-ended builds. Allows for the implementation of routines, triggers, conditions and remote-controlled via three free progressive apps: Robo Live, Robo Code, and Robo Blockly. Perfect for language immersion & special needs with non-verbal cues and a color logic relationship between block functionalities and app icons.


  • BUILD ROBOTS, LEARN TO CODE: Robo Wunderkind is an award-winning STEM robotics kit that gives children the opportunity to build their own robots and program them in fun play.

  • FOR KIDS AGED 5-10: Easy-to-use, resilient and durable. Comes with 23 different parts for building and customizing robots. Charging cable, a Quick Start Guide and a Sticker Set included. Initial setup time: 20 minutes.

  • PROGRAM AND REMOTE CONTROL: Two visual and intuitive icon-based apps allow children to remote control and program their robots, learning the basics of coding through play. The complexity of tasks increases as the children grow. In-app instructions and creative sample projects included. Available for iOS, Android, Windows 7, 8, 10, and Kindle.

  • LEGO™ COMPATIBLE: LEGO bricks can be attached onto Robo Wunderkind blocks with the help of the adapters supplied with the kit. The blocks can be directly combined with LEGO Technic pieces.

  • STAPLE: Trusted by more than 500 schools and thousands of homes worldwide, Robo Wunderkind comes with a curriculum created by teachers for teachers, offering 80+ hours of lessons based on forms of Active learning such as Experiential, Cooperative and Play-based learning. Robo Wunderkind sparks creativity, design-thinking, boosts cognitive and intellectual development and guarantees fun play for kids 5 and up. 

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